Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane....

So I suppose the start of our adventure is the process, it goes something like this:

Interview with Footprints Recruitment Agency (Would Defo Recommend!) --> Get all our Documents together (Pain in the Arse!) --> Scan & email to Footprints --> Find us a suitable School --> Email back and Forth ALOT --> Research the area/school/benefits --> Interview with school --> Sign our contracts --> Send our documents to our School in South Korea --> Get Visa Issuance Number --> Interview at Korean Embassy --> Footprints Book our Free (Yes... FREE!!) flights to South Korea --> Buy a years supply of Deodrant, as to not smell, apparently Koreans don't sweat? hmmm suspicious! --> Be Excited & Terrified all at the same time --> "Leaving On A Jet Plane....".... here we goooooooooo!
Lisa= Ireland to Gwangju South Korea
Shane= Texas to Gwangju, South Korea.
Gwangju Location: South West
Population: 1.4 million
Currency: Korean Won/KRW
Known for: Culture, Festivals & the Arts (Fancy!!)
Nearest Metropolitan Cities: Seoul (4 hrs by train), Busan (3.5 hrs by bus)
Climate: Cold Winters & Hot Humid Summers (similar to New York)