Friday, November 28, 2008

Korean Beefcakes

So today Shane & I joined a local Korean Gym called Hankook Gym. Well more like a "bodybuilder gym". One of the guys working there recognised Shane from the last time he was in checking it out and calls Shane Mr. Texas! The other guy that works there HAS to be on steroids, actually alot of the guys that work out there must be. So we checked it out, it's crazy cheap, like 145dollars for 6 months, so we joined and then Shane headed to work. I decided to go back later to workout and it was a whole new experience!! haha!!!

[The sign for Hankook Gym & obviously the reason for joining! lol]

Firstly the treadmills have a constant incline on them so I was pretty much running up hill for 20 mins. There were a bunch of teenage boys there that kept staring at me and smiling, I'm sure it had to be the running & the bouncing boobs. Asian women aren't really packing anything up top. Kinda like skittles on an ironing board! Anyways... also the Korean ladies were pretty covered up working out, maybe cause they are supposed to not sweat?!, I dunno but I on the other hand was wearing a pair of sweat pants and a tank top... The ladies were nay impressed of my attire! But the bodybuilders were real nice and kept saying hello to me.

This one ripped man was asking me where I was from and how old I was in broken English, he told me he was very impressed with my training routine. Well... he would be compared to the rest of the females, as they spent their time on those stupid oldskool muscle loosening machines. You know... the ones with the vibrating band that you put around your arse or legs. Hilarious!!! Anyways so this guy who looks about 50 but says he is actually 65 is bench pressing more than any of the other beefcake Koreans. Poor Shane is gonna have his work cut out for him when we go back on Monday morning! lol

So when I was finished I got my stuff and headed for the loo on my way out, only to find out they are squatting toilets, which I passed on! I've heard they exist but this was my first encounter!
I think I'm settling in a bit now, bring it on Korea!! Can't wait to start working on Monday and tomorrow were are having a Thanksgiving Potluck with a few friends. Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans...... eh...... for yesterday!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Gaff Tour

I'm gonna add the address of my school on the sidebar of the blog-page for anyone that has asked for it. Apparently it's better to have post sent to the school because there is always someone there to receive it, the apartment mail box is only tiny anyways, it would never fit boxes of Cadburys chocies in it... Mwah ha ha ha!!

So here's the Apartment Tour as promised. It was taking too long to load onto the page so just click on the link below & it should take you to the video on YouTube. Let me know what you think!!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Cat Castle

Firstly, thank you so much for all the comments. It's great to hear your feedback! So I've made the apartment tour video but it's being weird and wont load for some reason, so that'll have to wait till another day! Anyways there's a few Korean kids wrecking my head right now, they keep doing Nik-Naks (where they ring the bell & leg it) on our door right now. Shane is at work, otherwise i'm sure he'd chase em & scare the hell out of em. I already shouted at them, next time I plan to catch one & feed him to the hungry cats at The Cat Castle next door.
There's an old abandoned castle-like-building next to our apartment building, which we like to call The Cat Castle. It's full of little wild cats that eat from the garbage. Adele... you should come tame them. If you lived here, you'd defo be their Queen.

[The Cat Castle]

So i'm still coughing up my lungs but feeling a little better today. Last night Shane & Myself went for a walk around the neighbourhood where we found Domino's Pizza. The pizza's looked a little sketchy but we thought we'd chance it & ordered a pepperoni. It was Yummm! AND it came wrapped like a little present. A gift for my belly.

[A gift from Dominos]

Note the pimp bedsheets, Shane denies it but I think he picked them out. Also we found that sweet Korean marble table on the side of the street & nicked it! Maybe we are in the Ballymun flats after all. Little knackers! So we've already had some good spicy Korean food and as soon as I feel better i'll be able to stomach more but for now i'm surviving on the best damn cereal around. Get stuck in!!!

[Choco Flakes - The bear says it all!!!]

Monday, November 24, 2008

Krazy Korea

So i made it & this is my first official blog-post from Gwangju, South Korea. Right now I think i have the flu, so i'm writing to you & drinking my Lemsip Cold & Flu drink (Thanks Mam!x). Right now i'm not a huge Korea fan, i kind of underestimated the culture shock, although i'm sure it'll grow on me. It's sweet to hang out with Shane again, he's in great form, has settled in really well & has already found a new mate called Jessie to act like a jackass with... typical..haha! The Apartment is pretty sweet. 2 rooms, plus a little bathroom & separate section for the little kitchen/laundry room. It's cute. I like it! I'll post a video of it soon.

Downtown Gwangju

The food aint half bad, lots of meat & greens, very spicy. It already gave me "the runs"... urgh! The people we are working with are awesome, we've already been out for Dinner & Soju Cocktails (which can be lethal, as you can't even taste the Soju, mmm!) I'm starting to perfect my chopstick skills... ok that's a lie. I'm shite with a pair of wooden sticks. Give me a feckin' fork already!Soju Cocktails & chopstick drinking games.

The Korean people are generally nice, they like to stop you in the street & try talk to you, and the kids stare at you which is hilarious. Some little 10 year old kid in a leopard print coat sold me beer in a store yesterday. The Koreans really like their "active walking gear" and they also like to dress their poor dogs up in "gear too".

"Gear" wearing Korean Lady picking up her "gear" wearing dogs Poo. Good for her!

Went to The Park with Shane & his friend Matt yesterday. Well it's not a park like we know it, there was not an inch of grass, more of a cement park if you will... ?? The boys climbed a huge unguarded climbing wall & i wrote down my thoughts & read my Russell Brand Memoir while being chatted up by old Korean people who seem to think if i'm white... i MUST be American. It came as quite a shock that alas... I am Irish. Yay for me! I think they liked me more... no offence America!! .....Obama Fo Yo Mama!! :)

Climbing Tower @ The "Cement Park"

No seriously... I'm in South Korea. See! :p

This is me. Wishing you were here!

I miss you all ALOT. Culture Shock is a bitch. Thank God for scrambled eggs. Love you All.x

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Only Around The Corner..:.

We've both been for our 5 minute Consulate Interviews AND Footprints have booked our flights, soooo South Korea is only around the corner!!!

Halloween has come & gone. Love Halloween. & by this Friday Shane will be in Gwangju setting up house & i'll be there shortly after on the 21st of November. For Halloween I really got into character as a Zombie (28 Days later era Zombie, those slow ones are pointless!) & ran around scaring people while others asked me to pose for pictures with them. Really great weekend. & Shane was apparently Bill Cosby, which I am yet to see photographic evidence of...
=>Take that statement back. Sheri just sent me the pics, he looks like he took a Nutella Bath. Hilarious!

Wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley.

Aine (previously dressed as Tom Selleck) & Lizzy (as BananaMan) were nay scared!