Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baseball Game.:.Gwangju Kia Tigers

On Sunday I attended my first ever Baseball game. I was told there are a few differences between Asian baseball games and the rest of the World. Firstly, in America they check your bags and you can't bring alcohol into the stadium. In Asia we arrived with bags full of beer and a lot of the Koreans had huge boxes of fried chicken to snack on (when the fry chicken, they fry the WHOLE chopped up chicken... necks, feet...etc! Gross!). Secondly, they told me that Baseball games aren't generally as packed, we had to stand because the stadium was teeming with people. Apparently there's no fire codes in Korea so they just keep selling endless tickets and letting more and more people squash in.

I perceived Baseball as more of a social event rather than a sporting event, despite peoples best efforts to explain what was happening on the field, I hadn't a clue... and didn't really care, I was busy hanging out with everyone, enjoying a beer (well that's an over-statement, Korea's beer is crappy!) and taking in the sun. I think I'd like to experience my next game... post-Asia.

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