Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sinji-Do Beach Trip

Last weekend, ten of us... Shane, Justin, Caitlin, Matt, Ashley, Kelly, Kelsey, Jesse, Lucas and me went on a beach trip to Sinji-Do beach. We got a 2 hour bus ride to Wando which is on the south-west coast of Korea and then a local bus over a bridge to Sinji-Do Island (Follow the link for a map). From the beach you can see some of the thousands of Islands that dot the Korean coast line. It was a really pretty view! Saturday was a little overcast but still nice enough for shorts and hanging out on the beach.

Myself & Kelsey enjoying the sun chairs

We stayed in a Minbak which is basically a room which you can share with a bunch of people and they provide sleeping pads and blankets. Ours actually provided a bed and a small kitchen area. It also had a great view of the beach and there were a few small local stores dotted along the boardwalk to buy beer, supplies and of course fireworks. ha!
View from the Minbak

Beach of dead bodies

Korea apparently has a strict beach season of June to August, so the beach was mostly bare. There were a few families hanging out and a few groups of Koreans having relay races.
We grilled on Saturday night, which consisted of sausages and buns, veggies, dips and chips. Then we shot off some fireworks.
On Sunday, the sun was out. Justin cooked us all toast and scrambled egg breakfast sandwiches and then we all lathered up on sun lotion, packed our belongings and headed down the beach to set up camp for the day.

The Boys - Shane, Matt, Justin

Shanes flying catch

Ashleys Korean Beach Pose
Some beach reading - Caitlin & Kelly

We attracted 3 Italians who hung out with us on the beach and another Canadian guy, not to mention the random Koreans that came over to get their picture taken with us. Later that day we headed back to Gwangju, just in time for a pizza dinner with Shane. Great Weekend!!!

My adventure in Korea is nearly over, only a week & a half to go.

Gonna miss my Shane...again. x


elizi said...


I miss you muchos and love you lots. Call soon. <3

John & Triona said...

Oh Lisa - that looks fab!!! Apart from the teaching you really have had such a great adventure!!!

Mam x